A what?

Keeping in mind that I have had three kids in less than 5 years I want you to know moms that I KNOW you know what I'm talking about. Those who have had three kids vaginally, seems it happens more often than those ceseareans!

My youngest is not even 9 months yet so things aren't "back to normal" I guess you can say.

Well this class I'm doing is a combination of weights, step aerobics, and yoga. Yoga not being my strong point. Yeah I'm fit, but I'm not flexible. They want me to do positions in there I couldn't even do while I'm having sex with my husband let alone on a gym mat in a room full of woman I don't know. WTH?

So getting to the "things not back to normal", the instructor goes into the PLOUGH position.
Ummm, okay I can do this! Lifting legs, lifting but, oh no, STOP! Yeah, you try that and see how awkward that is!

Note to self: Never attempt PLOUGH position until things "are back to normal" or you will probably queef.

Thanks so I have provided this definition:


A queef is the expulsion of air from the vagina. Can occur during or after sex. Some woman do it on command. For some it can happen while doing sit-ups.

Example: She queefed at the gym while doing crunches.

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