Part 2.

Dear Maniac Stepper Lady,
You might remember me writing to you in a prior post
Apparently I didn't make my self clear.
Yes, you made it to class LATE again today.
The reason why I get to class early is to claim my spot, now if you want to dry hump the mirror.
(so I can stand as far away as possible from you)
and claim your spot, don't stroll in 15 minutes late and assume everyone wants to stop their rhythm and move so you can have some room.
thank GAWD
I was already as far up in the front of the room as possible, so you couldn't steal a spot in front of me and totally distract me the ENTIRE time with your physcotic stepping moves.
although you are still distracting, I was able to focus most of the time!
Like SERIOUSLY are you trying to prove some point that she you pop, lunge, and kick higher
than everyone else?

Serves him right....

While not THIS funny, a lady today totally freaking fell flat on her ass during step. Yeah you KNOW everyone in laughing in their head, well I was. Am I cruel. Id be laughing at myself too, hello...Karma's a bitch and ill probably take a massive fall Thursday!

The guy in the video number one didn't know what the hell he was in for when he went to a step class... and number two he had way too many risers for a beginner.

Serves him right! I literally LOL'ed.

Well I cam close to having to dance today. Our instrutctor did the butterfly move... haha


Calorie Burning Tracking widget

Um according to my freaking awesome new Calorie Burning Tracking watch
among other things it does, I've burned

...wait for it...

3370 calories today
Not sure how many I typically do but I was just happy to see more than my
that this site
says my body/weight/age need to maintain my current weight.
Go me.
PS. That 3355 is WITHOUT going to the gym.
Perhaps the 12 hours out and about to day with three kids in tow solo!
Super mom is taking off her cape and going to BED.


B/A Pics

So im pretty sure ther is NO difference. WTF?
All my hard work really and nothing. Ak.
Better luck next moth sistah!
I guess that means I better step it the f up. Right.
P90 X here I come. Oh and if your wondering what the heck is up with my belly button.
2 mistakes as a teenager (belly button rings on top AND bottom)
3 kids & 130 lbs of pregnancy
(which combined that sucked any chance of a flat stomach and unsaggy belly button)
a SAGGY stretched to its max belly button!!!!

Aerobics of Uncoordinated

A picture says a thousands words. Am I right?
Well this was a picture perfect example of me this morning.I'm not sure what the hell was going on the morning with me but apparently I left my coordination in bed this morning.

I looked like the typical first timers to a step class so confused and had the worried look of fear in my face.
I felt like an IDIOT.
I know these steps, I do them all the time.
What was going on??

PS. Today was one of those days that I never made it out of gym clothes. I'm still in them here at 945 at night. Dont judge me
Its been one of THOSE days.
double ugh


Healthy Food Choices.

Now that I don't eat fast food for about 5 months now, and sure as heck don't let my kids, and yes in the past I had given my kids not the healthiest choices of food, however. For the most part we are a healthy family.

Our eating habits have changed.

How do these work out a holic moms (like myself, teehee) bring their kids to the gym nursery with McDonald's in hand for them for their dinner....Really?

How about you get skinny and you set your kids up for failure. Hows that teaching them anything. They are going to end up on freaking the Maury show cause their kid is 250 lbs .... at age 5.

What I loved seeing was this one mom in specific a while back while I worked in the gym nursery brought her two kids with a large bag of Cheetos's beef jerky and some red drink, almost every time she went to work out, NICE! True story. Your kidding me... Sick ...

"Light Stretching Mix"

So I didn't "run" like I said I was going to.
I opted for weight class instead. Ive been to her class before and she typically works with elderly, or the "older folks" so I was prepared, however this is "Muscle Mix" it should be renamed a "Light Stretching Mix". Not even incorporating the bar!

I usually avoid her classes cause it it so slooooooooooow. And her music selection, ummm we don't go there.

Seriously, sitting on a bench with 5 lb weights on my feet lifting my toes? I might as well do finger stretching exercises!!! I'm here to be beach bod ready not stretch my toes lady!

Regardless, its better than nothing, however I do up my free weights today
so I was excited about that

Moral of the story: Avoid the classes that at taught by the same person who teaches
old folks and finger stretching.