I think everyone needs an ::accountability partner:: at the gym. To encourage and motivate our lazy butts to get there on those days you JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE GOING. I feel like a slug on those days not started out at the gym, seriously. My performance as a Domestic Goddess seriously lags.

My ::accountability partner:: was MIA with family in town this past week.

I learned the hard by skipping the gym three days this week. I haven't skipped more than a day in the last month, and went 3 days without.
{ Not by choice. You know I had to put being a mommy first and the only appt available for the sweet child was at 910, 5 minutes prior to my class. Ugh, I even tried to reschedule.}
Yes, I am THAT dedicated.

Lets just say my body H-A-T-E-D me royally, thighs and arms especially.

Now I don't need an accountability partner. My thighs did plenty of reminding me how much I need to not skip the gym.

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