the dreaded tread mill

Tell me I'm not the only person who wonders when the person behind you is going to leave so you can get off the dang machine already. Talk about PRESSURE.
I feel like if they are on the machines before me, and I get off the machine before they do then ill look like a big loser. Seriously.

So I got on the tread mill today motivated by my friend who said shes "jogging for 30 minutes as day". I woke up late this morning and so I hit the gym in the evening. I hate working out in the evening, the only good thing about going is that my kids get completely worn out from playing in the kid zone there. I on the other hand feel like death is calling me.

So back to my story. I got on the dreaded tread mill, and I HATE, LOATHE, CANT run for longer than the 100 yards I did in high school track team as a sprinter.
But, I tried anyway 6.5 ....6.6....6.7 ...6.8 ...okay I can do this. It isn't so bad, then I felt like I was having a heart attack, panting like I just ran a marathon, and its quite apparent that my body hates me. This body was not meant to run, but then I still have the guy behind me, I CANT stop or ill be a big loser, so I keep running.......and running.....then I slow down for a lap, then I start running again, the guy would NOT leave.

Thank gawd my weight class started shortly after, who knows when that guy would have left! Whew!

Or maybe I should be over this I hate to run attitude. Hmm.. Decisions...
I think ill make mondays my running day, just to get over it. Ill keep you posted on that one, and how long THAT last!

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