Dear Lady behind me in step today.

Would you please calm down because your making me feel a tad uncomfortable. Often I missed my steps because I was so concentrated on how over dramatic your ever move was. Now don't get me wrong I love someone who is into their work out, but you my dear were OUT OF CONTROL.

So today I didn't get to class early enough {tear} and low and behold I was stuck in front of the crazy maniac stepper. You know the one who is so over dramatic with every pop, lunge, 180, and step she can do. It was so bad it made me feel uncomfortable, thank goodness she left the class early I was able regain my attention to the steps and not that physco behind me.

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  1. I KNOW who you are talking about.... I KNOW this person....you should see her in Zumba....does she have dark hair almost to her shoulder blades? If so my daughter was laughing at this poor woman so hard that she tooted! I swear Danielle!