Healthy Food Choices.

Now that I don't eat fast food for about 5 months now, and sure as heck don't let my kids, and yes in the past I had given my kids not the healthiest choices of food, however. For the most part we are a healthy family.

Our eating habits have changed.

How do these work out a holic moms (like myself, teehee) bring their kids to the gym nursery with McDonald's in hand for them for their dinner....Really?

How about you get skinny and you set your kids up for failure. Hows that teaching them anything. They are going to end up on freaking the Maury show cause their kid is 250 lbs .... at age 5.

What I loved seeing was this one mom in specific a while back while I worked in the gym nursery brought her two kids with a large bag of Cheetos's beef jerky and some red drink, almost every time she went to work out, NICE! True story. Your kidding me... Sick ...

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