"Light Stretching Mix"

So I didn't "run" like I said I was going to.
I opted for weight class instead. Ive been to her class before and she typically works with elderly, or the "older folks" so I was prepared, however this is "Muscle Mix" it should be renamed a "Light Stretching Mix". Not even incorporating the bar!

I usually avoid her classes cause it it so slooooooooooow. And her music selection, ummm we don't go there.

Seriously, sitting on a bench with 5 lb weights on my feet lifting my toes? I might as well do finger stretching exercises!!! I'm here to be beach bod ready not stretch my toes lady!

Regardless, its better than nothing, however I do up my free weights today
so I was excited about that

Moral of the story: Avoid the classes that at taught by the same person who teaches
old folks and finger stretching.

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