Dear Kickboxing instructor.

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I was seriously getting annoyed with you. I walked out of the class after about 15 minutes
of just starring at you like an alien.
The lame chick who left your class this morning pissed off.

And its true. In my very LAME attempt at kickboxing this morning, very I looked like a lame cast member of Jersey Shore doing the fist pump the hole time for my punches, while jumping back and forth. Eventually· after realizing I am NOT coordinated enough to do this crap, and 15 minutes of trying to figure out what crazy move she was gonna pull out of her hat next,
I walked out disgusted.

At that time I remembered why I don't try too many new things when it comes to the gym.
And people want me to try Zumba?
HA! They must be out of their mind!

There will be no hip swaying, booty shaking, pelvis thrusting, dropping it like its hot,
or pumping at all.

Unless there are massive amounts of alcohol and people I will never see again.
The end.
I don't do anything that involves coordination.
It doesn't work. Period

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