I used to be..

The kind of gym person who always went straight to the back of the class, mostly cause I had no earthly idea what I was doing, and thought everyone was going to laugh at me as I attempted to do a lunge correctly. I mean you know those woman who "have their own spot" in class and everyone KNOWS they always are there, well I think I have mine, at least I always stand in the same place and ill be damned if I'm not there earlier enough to get it too!

So I'm officially one of those crazy bitches who has her own spot in the front, right in front of the mirror. I used to think those people were really into themselves but truthfully it just helps you focus and see that your doing your work out correctly.


  1. Im the other crazy bitch whose up in the freaking bad we cant get there together and both be crazy front spot mirror hogging bitches! Luvs you!

  2. I'm always to the right of the instructor on the front row!

  3. I'm the one in the back because I think everyone will laugh at me (or go home and blog about me looking funny ;)